Allen Holub

Allen Holub Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Author

Twitter @allenholub

Allen Holub is an internationally recognized consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. He specializes in Lean/Agile processes and culture, agile-focused architecture (such as microservices), and cloud-based web-application development. He's a master programmer in many languages (Java, Scala, C++, C, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Swift). He has built full-stack web applications, compilers, database servers, real-time operating systems, and more. Allen provides guidance and training for all sizes of organizations, working with everyone from C-levels to developers. Allen's worn every hat from grunt programmer to CTO, and has written a dozen books and hundreds of articles for various technical publications. His "C Chest" column and subsequent blogs for Dr. Dobb's journal, and his "Java Toolbox" column for JavaWorld were highly influential in the industry. He teaches for the University of California, Berkeley, Extension, and he speaks regularly at various conferences, worldwide. He's also a highly regarded Pluralsight author ("Swift In Depth," "Picturing Architecture," and "Object-Oriented Design").

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