Asbjørn Ulsberg

Asbjørn Ulsberg RESTafarian by day, tinkerer by night

Twitter @asbjornu

Programmer by day, demoscene musician and tinkerer by night. Got a black belt in REST and ain't afraid to use it! Complex software architecture and hard engineering problems is my comfort zone.

Has presented at Nordic APIs 2016, WS-REST2016, various meetups and private technology conferences for many years.

Involved in IETF and W3C to push internet standards in the right direction and to make the world a better place. Contributor to RFC 4287, 5023, 7230, HTML5 and various other standards and projects.

Is a believer in Open Source and contributes to a bunch of open source projects.

Lover of whisky, beer, music (including production of said art form), the web, hypermedia, API design, software architecture, programming in general, his daughter and wife.

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