Dror Helper

Dror Helper

Twitter @dhelper

Dror is a senior consultant at CodeValue and the technical evangelist of the magical debugging tool – OzCode (www.oz-code.com).

He has been writing software professionally for more than a decade, during which he has worked for industry giants such as Intel and SAP as well as small start-ups. When not writing code, Dror mentors developers and conducts courses about software engineering practices.

Dror first encountered Agile a few years ago, working at a software vendor that specialized in unit testing tools. Since then he has been evangelizing Agile wherever he goes – in his work, speaking at conferences and as a consultant.

Dror lectures worldwide about software development, Agile methodologies and test-driven design. In his blog (http://blog.drorhelper.com) Dror writes about programming languages, software development tools, clean code, unit testing and anything else he finds interesting.

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