Talk: ASP.NET Core for Angular, React, and Knockout developers

ASP.NET Core strives to be the best server-side web platform for developers building rich Single Page Apps (SPAs) with frameworks such as Angular, React, and others.

In this talk, I’ll demonstrate how you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate your server-side code with your client-side code
  • Code faster: Have your development-time server automatically rebuild TypeScript/LESS/etc in realtime as you edit code, and use Hot Module Replacement (HMR) to sync those updates into your pages instantly without reloading or losing state
  • Boost performance and SEO: Enable server-side prerendering of your Angular4/React components, and optimise the delivery of JavaScript/CSS to the browser
  • Use advanced client-side debugging features thanks to tie-ins with Redux and Webpack
  • Use features from any NPM package