Talk: Azure DocumentDB - The Best NoSQL Database You're Probably Not Using (Yet)

DocumentDB is a high-availability, geo-scale NoSQL database service running on the Microsoft Azure cloud. It supports 10 millisecond reads and 15 millisecond writes on documents and key-value data across 20+ data centers around the world, at a 99.99% SLA. Horizontal scalability is virtually unlimited via built-in support for data partitioning, configurable consistency levels, and one-click geo-replication. DocumentDB supports common database concepts like SQL and LINQ syntax, stored procedures and triggers, and change notification, and has support for Java, .NET, Node.js, and Python via platform-specific SDKs, as well as general-purpose clients via a full-featured REST API. Best of all, DocumentDB is a hosted cloud service that eliminates the need to manage infrastructure on your own. You focus on your data and your application!

In this presentation we'll use Azure DocumentDB as the backbone for a high-scale IoT solution that ingests data from multiple geographic locations via Azure IoT Hubs and stores it in DocumentDB collections. We'll author triggers and stored procedures to transform and shape the data for downstream consumption, and then connect an ASP.NET web application to our DocumentDB data for presentation to consumers. You'll learn how to set up a DocumentDB database and partitioned collections, how to write data to collections from multiple simultaneous sources, how to author triggers and stored procedures, and how to consume DocumentDB collections from clients like ASP.NET.