Talk: Beautiful apps with Fuse using your XAML and JavaScript skills

Have you ever developed apps or web applications using XAML or Javascript before? Are you a mobile developer, designer or interaction designer interested in design first mobile frameworks? Then this talk will interest you.

It is hard to make apps and the web really stand out from the crowd. This is where Fuse ( comes in. Fuse will enable you to leverage your existing knowledge of XAML from Windows and Xamarin, and JavaScript to build wonderful animated apps. Fuse is a mobile framework flipping the table. Fuse is a set of tools that makes designing and developing native mobile apps for iOS and Android fast, easy and fun. Fuse is free, and they are actively working towards making it Open Source as well. The tool is all about design and animations first. The UI is rendered using native platform controls, OpenGL or a combination (best of both worlds). And on top of that, you can also reuse your code and design on iOS and Android just as you expect from a cross-platform mobile framework.

The design language is called UX instead of XAML but is almost identical, the code is written in plain JavaScript with modules and components. You can write advanced integration with any part of the native platforms using UNO which looks pretty much the same as C#. Join this talk to expand your horizon and learn to get started with a tool that will make you master the design and animations in apps.