Talk: Becoming the bottleneck

- Why long tenure leaves you overloaded and how open source principles can help the organisation.

I’ve been a developer in the same organisation for 5 years and an expert on several systems. These days my meeting calendar is as full as any project manager while the backlog is testing the limits of Jira.

I have become the bottleneck for a lot of projects and that is not a good feeling.

This talk will focus on how one gets to, and out of such a situation..

We will look at organisational culture around teams and their backlogs. The intense fight to get items prioritised highly in projects you are dependant on. The disappointment when your part is finished, but never implemented at the receiver.

All is not doom & gloom however. I will offer some solutions taken from open source practices including:

  • Low barrier of entry: clone, build, get going.
  • Pull requests: Why not between teams?
  • Clear documentation: Often not intended for the expert, but the beginner.

  • I will demonstrate how these practices can improve relations between teams and most importantly reduce my own stress level.