Talk: Cleaning the Sewage out of your DevOps Pipeline

Have you ever heard the phrase, "we tried [Buzzword] and it didn't work for us"? It used to be Agile, but now DevOps is the new process buzzword, and we can expect to hear about DevOps failures more and more frequently. When the heavily-hyped process starts failing or slowing you down, it's tempting to throw it away and go back to the way things were, but the problems can be easy to find and fix if you know where to look!

This session is all about why DevOps works when it works, why it fails when it fails, and how to analyse your DevOps process and pipeline to make it as efficient and effective as possible. First, I'll introduce some guiding principles for a good DevOps pipeline that are important for self-evaluation and repair. Then we'll look at where the buildup of "sewage" often occurs for organisations new to DevOps, and of course how to clean things up before they get too smelly. If you're sceptical of the new buzzword, or are frustrated by your current process, this talk is for you.