Talk: Code is easy, Humans are hard-Debugging Communication with Empathy

When you enter the profession of Software Development it’s all about writing code. Your merits are gauged by the code you write and the results it delivers. You focus on tools, techniques, quality and technologies. This technology focus is so high, it’s easy to forget there are people involved.

Discussions, flamewars and general disregard for others create a hostile environment which can be daunting for new and experienced developers alike. This can take its toll on any developer, and also lead to serious health issues. Can we move away from obsessing about who’s right and churning out code to solving real problems. Together?

In this talk we’ll explore the importance of effective communication and how it can take your software development career to the next level. How empathy is a key skill that can be learned and used as a powerful tool to solve conflicts, have hard conversations, connect with others in a powerful, more inclusive way and to deliver better solutions.

Hopefully you’ll learn that we are better together and we are more than just code.