Talk: Crappy to Happy: Strategies to Help You Kick Butt at Work

This talk is for anyone who wants to enjoy work more. Today, happiness at work is no longer a luxury, but an essential element for you to be productive, engaged, and happy i.e. to be the best person you can be.

But for most of us, work is… work. Not a hobby, nor a passion. We suffer from SMondays (the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday as the anxiety of Monday kicks in), and this is not a sustainable way to live. I was one of them.

In this talk, I’ll take you on a journey to help you understand what it is about work that is contributing to your unhappiness, provide simple and effective tools that you can use to create a better work life for yourself, and give you a massive dose of energy to kick you in the butt to make the change.

This will be a highly engaging and entertaining talk that is sure to challenge, motivate, and inspire!