Talk: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Azure Security But Were Afraid to Ask

DevOPS and Cloud gave more freedom for developers and more responsibility, too. Now developers are even more important in protecting of their solutions, landed in a cloud. Today security is not anymore about infrastructure. Today security is a code and developers are main security enablers!

You are working with Azure and want to know more how to utilize Azure security features and what to address in solution to be able to protect it? Then session is right for you! Session will provide answers on common questions from architects, developers about cloud solutions and will be truly technical. We will go thru real life cases. Examples will be provided with ARM templates, powershell scripts, .NET code.

During session you will find out how to handle administrative control, how to protect data, how to make good perimeter security for solution in Azure, how to protect solution on application level by hardening headers, implementing WAF and how to use monitoring features from Azure to detect attacks. How to deploy securely.

At the end you will have checklist for your Azure solution and practical ARM templates with security in mind.