Talk: Get Better With All Things Git

Git has some 157 commands, each with several arguments that can take a number of possible values. This complex matrix of seemingly infinite combinations unquestionably gives the impression of Git being an incredibly hard to use Source Control Management system that only Linus Torvalds and his closest friends are capable of truly understanding and using efficiently.

However, this is not the case. In its simplest form, Git is just a file system. And if you think of a file system like a graph (or the other way around), Git is just a set of commands that lets you manipulate this graph. So while the complex command matrix is indeed, well, complex; the basics of Git, is not.

This workshop will make you understand the core of Git and how the "command matrix" is basically just fluff. Very powerful and useful fluff, but fluff nonetheless. What Git does is basically introductory high school graph theory in its simplest form. If you understand nodes (or points) and edges (or lines) and are able to point your index finger at a node, you should hopefully leave this talk a bit more informed and perhaps hate Git an ounce less than you did before the talk.

After teaching the core of Git, the workshop will go on to show how you can use Git Flow, GitVersion and GitHub in concert to become a much more efficient, structured and overall better developer.

Computer setup:

Please bring your own laptop with the following installed: