Talk: I put 7 years of meal data in Datomic - Here's what I learned

Datomic is an append-only database, designed from the ground up with modern applications and hardware in mind. It never loses data, it has an RDF-like approach to schemas, it's really fast, and it has a powerful query language borrowed from Prolog that expresses queries as data structures. In short: it's pretty awesome.

As both a geek and a food nerd, I combined two of my passions in a spare-time project where I put 7 years of meal plans into Datomic to build an application around the data. In this talk I'll take you through what using Datomic is like, show some examples from the app I built, and show you what kind of cool things you can do with a modern database.

If one database wasn't enough, I'll also show you Datascript, which takes Datomic's APIs to the browser (but can be used without Datomic as well). Forget about REST APIs to marshall data between server and client, with Datomic and Datascript, you can leverage generic replication to power real-time browser UIs.