Talk: Lightning talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Skills vs Knowledge : are we learning the right things? - Natalia An

Succeeding as an IT professional is challenging. One might work hard, but is that enough? What is it that makes you stand out of crowd? Is it knowledge or skills that are most important and what is the difference between those two? Understanding this difference is vital for the career development, but sometimes not easy.

This short talk will define and compare skills vs knowledge and their importance, helping you cast a critical look at your carreer and do the right steps to improve it.


Talk 2: Grain + Hops + IoT = Beer - David Christiansen

Come and find out how my garage based all-grain beer brewery uses the finest grain, quality hops, a few IoT devices and hacked fridges.

Discover how to use docker, python, .net core, a few raspberry Pi, arduino, mains electricity and hacked fridges tometiculously monitor andcontrol brewing and fermentation processes - results being mighty fine quality beer!


Talk 3: How to Set a World Record by Killing Zombies with JavaScript Lightning, and change the world while you do it. - Josh Wulf & Prahlad Wulf

There have been moments in time that represent a discontinuity with history: the first sub-four minute mile; the breaking of the sound barrier; the first man on the Moon.

On Monday February 13, 2017 the world changed again. That's the day that Magikcraft and Microsoft set the historic world record for "The Most Minecraft Zombies Killed with JavaScript Lightning in 10 minutes".

To achieve the historic milestone of 13,854 Zombies killed in 10 minutes by 40 kids wielding JavaScript lightning, Magikcraft build the most performant Minecraft server and logging system on the planet.

This is a tale of development, DevOps, of epic system optimizations, near tragedy, and the triumph of the human spirit.

Just as NASA's space program technology rolled back into human society to change the quality of human life - the technology developed to set that world record has been used to make a difference in the quality of life of children and families living with Type 1 Diabetes.

The MCT1 project, conceived through a chance meeting at NDC Sydney in 2016, uses this technology to fundamentally alter the quality of life for people around the world. As software developers, we hold a tremendous power and with it a great responsibility.

In this talk you'll get a real sense of the power and the possibility of the connections around you and the abilities that you have.


Talk 4: Can you keep it a secret? - Lars Kristian Hagen

“Of course we can keep it a secret!”, you say. “Challenge accepted”, says the hacker!

There are more secrets to be kept than the login credentials of your users. User authentication is a problem you can solve this by using authentication providers or frameworks.

It is easy to forget that we often handle other secrets as well. These may be just as critical, or even more so: What about cryptographic keys, signing keys, credentials to third party systems both for the system itself and/or mapped to each of your users? If these secrets ever get revealed, the damage to the reputation of your company, client or yourself could be enormous. Not to mention potentially having to compensate for damages as well.

This talk discusses how one can securely store secrets using extremely secure cloud based storage solutions specialized for secrets. What are the use cases and how to integrate with your application. The topics covered are based on the research and experience gained during the implementation of my current project.