Talk: Lightning talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Solving 5th grade math with F# and OCR - Martin Andersen

I have a continuous quest for teaching my kids programming. Not because I want them to become developers, but because I want them to learn how to think logically. This talk will be about how to inspire kids to try out programming and a concrete example where my son and I solved his (tedious) math assignment with F# and OCR.


Talk 2: Serverless Cross-platform Apps with Xamarin.Forms and Google Firebase - Bjørn Egil Hansen

Xamarin is rapidly gaining popularity as a cross-platform framework and serverless architectures is the next evolution of cloud-services, with Google Firebase as a major player.

I'll share some experiences on how to combine Xamarin.Forms and Google Firebase for rapid app development, utilizing features like Cloud Messaging for cross-platform notifications, Realtime Database for sync between devices and Storage.


Talk 3: Handling secrets in kubernetes using git secrets - Tomas Jansson

Secret handling is often a pain, and the solution many times involve a somewhat complex tool or is a naive insecure solution. Is there a lightweight way to deal with secrets in kubernetes?

In this lightingtalk I will show you how we at Unacast use git secret as a secret storage with automatic update of kubernetes secrets.