Talk: Lightning talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Solving 5th grade math with F# and OCR - Martin Andersen

I have a continuous quest for teaching my kids programming. Not because I want them to become developers, but because I want them to learn how to think logically. This talk will be about how to inspire kids to try out programming and a concrete example where my son and I solved his (tedious) math assignment with F# and OCR.


Talk 2: Live machine learning with Azure - Anders Breivik

Do you want to learn the path of least resistance to doing machine learning? Are you too lazy to decide where to post your social media chatter? Look no further, help is near.

Machine learning has long been a somewhat academic discipline, its practitioners highly specialized. But with the advent of a new class of commoditized machine learning platforms, Machine Learning as a Service, is now available to all developers.

Through a live exercise using on such service, Azure Machine Learning, this talk will show you how to train a model on your social media data, creating a cloud service to predict a target SoMe platform for your next post.


Talk 3: Serverless Cross-platform Apps with Xamarin.Forms and Google Firebase - Bjørn Egil Hansen

Xamarin is rapidly gaining popularity as a cross-platform framework and serverless architectures is the next evolution of cloud-services, with Google Firebase as a major player.

I'll share some experiences on how to combine Xamarin.Forms and Google Firebase for rapid app development, utilizing features like Cloud Messaging for cross-platform notifications, Realtime Database for sync between devices and Storage.


Talk 4: Handling secrets in kubernetes using git secrets - Tomas Jansson

Secret handling is often a pain, and the solution many times involve a somewhat complex tool or is a naive insecure solution. Is there a lightweight way to deal with secrets in kubernetes?

In this lightingtalk I will show you how we at Unacast use git secret as a secret storage with automatic update of kubernetes secrets.