Talk: Saving Blood and Treasure with Elixir and Event Sourcing

I have a dev friend who was on a team that killed a person. Their tech choices and unlucky timing resulted in the fatal, massive overdosing of a patient. They were running on mainstream technology (e.g. OO code, ORM, relational database). Restated: concurrent users were mutating shared state in a last-write-wins datastore. This is common.

Sometimes software matters. Sometimes mainstream tech is insufficient and dangerous. And even when lives aren’t at risk, fortunes are wasted on buggy hard-to-maintain code. How can we do better? In this session, we will show how Elixir and event sourcing together can create a safer alternative for building business software.

The ErlangVM gets concurrency right. Erlang’s actor model is a beautiful fit for modeling complex business logic. OTP makes building fault-tolerant systems much easier. Elixir makes the ErlangVM and OTP accessible to mainstream developers, and Elixir doesn’t spook the suits like Erlang often did. Adoption in enterprise shops is happening. Next, event sourcing addresses the last-write-wins problem, adds the "perfect audit log", and makes many tricky problems simpler. All combined, we have a real hope at saving money and possibly lives.