Talk: Taming the Web with Cowboy & Coyote

What if I told you we could simplify web development with OTP over MVC. At first glance you might think anything with “simplifying with OTP” sounds complicated.

I mean have you built an OTP application? We’re talking supervision, transient processes, crashes, recoveries, that’s not even including distributing applications across multiple nodes. Can’t we just use a framework for that? Don’t worry we’ve all been there but it’s actually really simple and exceptionally fun to build pure OTP applications to run on the web. In this talk, we cover how coyote was built to manage distributed OTP applications servicing web requests via cowboy. We’ll see the code used to manage node connections, message relays, and of course all the goodness that is OTP. Some call it thinking outside the box but we could say that we're taming the Web with Cowboy & Coyote!