Talk: The Future of Calling Microsoft APIs

Have you ever called or wanted to call a Microsoft API? Spent the hours digging through documentation, searching for libraries supporting your development stack and figuring out the security piece that needs to go into it? Later to find out that none of your learnings would apply for your next API to call?

Now, let's learn about the Microsoft Graph - which aims to solve all of the above. A unified endpoint, built with standards we love, for Microsoft APIs. This means calling everything from Outlook, OneDrive, Excel REST APIs, Office 365, SharePoint and much more.

With tons of code, I will teach you how to get started from ANY development stack. I'll show you some real world code and what I think is brilliant about the Microsoft Graph (and tell you where to look out).

In addition, we'll cover how we think about building and evolving our future APIs. We'll try to predict the future and grasp why this is something for everyone to care about.