Talk: The state of IoT in 2017 and how Norwegian Technology make IoT Easy

This session is a technical dive into Internet of Things (IoT) and the key success requirements. The concept of IoT is right now accelerating fast, and Norway is at the absolute front of innovations that change how we interact with the world.

With IoT product companies such as AirThings, Disruptive Technologies and many more, the future is today. This talk elaborates around the concepts of IoT yesterday, today and tomorrow using norwegian examples. Security and simplicity is crucial and you will learn some best practices when designing IoT solutions. What wireless protocols there and how do they connect to the cloud? What are their benefits and limitations? Architecture of an IoT system is more important that it´s definition, and some concrete examples will show you why norwegian innovations make IoT simple. You will walk away from this session with great knowledge of the requirements of an IoT system and where your software skills are needed.