Talk: Tools and Technical Analysis of the Hacking in Mr. Robot: Is the Hacking “Hollywood” or Real Life?

There are many movies and TV shows featuring hacking, but how many of these shows are technically accurate? Mr. Robot, A TV show in the US featuring hacking, won an Emmy and Golden Globe Awards in 2016.

The show’s protagonist leads a hacktivist group that uses hacking tools to disrupt the functions of a company and a government. This presentation will review three kinds of hacks featured in Mr. Robot: Internet of Things, industrial control systems, and Wi-Fi/wireless. The real-world tools associated with these hacks and how they were used in the show will be analyzed. Lastly, other hacks featured in Mr. Robot such as car hacking, ransomware/malware, social engineering, and insider threats will also be discussed. Does Mr. Robot get the hacking correct?