Room 5

16:20 - 17:20 (UTC+01)

Talk (60 min)

Let's code together - bringing F# to JS world.

Javascript has conquered the software development world - developers can use it in the browser, on the server, to write mobile apps, on the desktop with Electron, and even to create serverless services. Whether you like the language or not, the truth is JS developers have built an incredible ecosystem with libraries and tools to do almost anything. During the talk, I'll show how to bring the power of F# - robust, static type system with type inference, pattern matching, and immutable design, and succinct syntax - to this vast and rich JS world using Fable - F# to JS compiler. It will be a practical talk, showing various use cases of Fable - from building React-based web applications, through building serverless, edge web services using Cloudflare Workers, creating mobile apps, to building VSCode extensions.

Functional Programming

Krzysztof Cieślak

Chris is a photographer, globetrotter and software developer. Currently, he's working at GitHub as Senior Research Engineer where he researches and builds future software development tools like GitHub Copilot. He's an author of several OSS projects, including Ionide - VSCode plugin for F# development, and Saturn - F# MVC web framework. Chris is also an international speaker, who tries to convince developers around the world that OSS and FP are good, pragmatic choices for writing software. You can find him on Twitter as @k_cieslak, GitHub - @Krzysztof-Cieslak and read his blog at