Room 6 

16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

Razor components, not just for Blazor apps!

By now you’ve likely heard of Blazor—the framework that allows developers to write rich UI’s using HTML, CSS, and C#. Just like other popular frontend frameworks, Blazor uses a component based approach to creating UIs—these components are formally known as Razor components. What you might not know, is that Razor components can run in many places other than Blazor apps.


In this talk, we’re going to look at how and where Razor components can be run. We’ll see how they can be used to add rich UI capabilities to various types of applications such as Razor pages and MVC apps, JavaScript apps, and even desktop apps. We’ll also cover how they can be used as a migration path for existing applications over to Blazor.

By the end of the talk, you’ll have a solid understanding of Razor components, what they are and how to integrate them into non-Blazor applications.

Chris Sainty

Chris is a Microsoft MVP, author, and principal software engineer with over 15 years experience with ASP.NET. He works at Deployed, a UK based startup, leading the engineering team.

Passionate about sharing his knowledge with the community, he regularly writes both for his own blog as well as others—such as Visual Studio magazine, Progress Telerik, and StackOverflow. This passion for blogging led to his first book, Blazor in Action, a practical guide to building Blazor applications. He also maintains several popular open source projects under the GitHub organisation, Blazored. When not tapping on a keyboard, Chris is a keen speaker, having delivered talks at both user groups and conferences all over the world.

You can find Chris online at his blog and on Twitter as @chris_sainty.