Room 1

17:40 - 18:40 (UTC+02)

Talk (60 min)

The age of hooks: Building Domain-driven Frontends

In recent times, leading UI frameworks have been encouraging us to take a step toward functional programming as they introduce capabilities such as Custom Hooks (in React) and Composition API (in Vue). This has allowed us to dramatically simplify our components, separate concerns, and efficiently reuse code. However, the true potential of this approach is often overlooked. As we separate business logic from UI logic, we reveal the opportunity to build resilient framework-agnostic frontends that speaks the language of our business model. As we apply DDD principles on such frontends, we unlock powerful possibilities such as adopting micro frontends architectures and building truly autonomous teams that revolve around business aspects rather than on technical expertise.


Eliran Natan

Eliran is a Software Architect with a passion for Computer Science & Software Design. Eliran has led development teams in Tel Aviv, New York and Amsterdam, and today he is part of Axonius - an hyper growing cybersecurity unicorn that aims to revolutionize cloud security.