Linda Lawton

Linda Lawton Senior Software Developer

Twitter @LindaLawtonDK

Linda has over 20+ years of commercial software development experience. Her most recent position was a Senior software developer in charge of an Identity server supporting 12 k+ users (1.5 active users). The system used .Net Core, Identity server 4, with Entity framework Core and ASP .Net Identity.

She has also spent extensive amounts of time delving into the inner workings of Google OpenID connect solution. Linda contributes to several open-source projects and libraries in this area, such as the Google .Net client library which provides simple, flexible, and powerful access to Google APIs with .Net. She also created a Google Analytics tracker in .net standard for use with .net applications. As well as a number of dotnet new templates for use with Google APIs. Linda also contributes to the Identity server 4 project by helping out on the documentation and sample projects. She enjoys helping others learn and spends a lot of time helping out fellow programmers by answering questions She also runs her own website and blog ( dedicated to writing simple easy to follow tutorials for using .Net accessing Google APIs, and .net Core.

Due to this and a number of other things Google awarder her the title Google Developer Expert in 2014 one of the first five women to be awarded the title. She currently holds two GDE titles one for Google analytics and the other for Identity platform.

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