Masa Nekic

Masa Nekic Data Scientist at Bouvet

Masa works as a data scientist and is an educated mathematician at the University of Zagreb with specialisation in statistics and machine learning. From her academic background, she has very solid theoretical foundation and broad experience in areas such as statistics, mathematical analysis, algorithms, programming and numerical calculations.

Masa has great passion for digging deeply into data connections and utilizing mathematical understandings of advanced analysis and machine learning algorithms to solve real business challenges. She has worked with most well-known tools in advanced analysis and Big Data, and she thrives best on solving problems in mathematical modeling, statistical analysis and visualization of large amounts of data from many different sources.

She has worked very closely with various industries in Norway, from pre-sales and sales, to the implementation of analytical services and models for operational solutions. She has also been asked to offer workshops to help customers not only understand the value of analysis but also educate and train them in the use of analytical techniques and to present new technology to both her colleagues and customers.

Talks and workshops

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