Workshop: A Painless Introduction to User Experience Design

Radisson BLU Plaza Hotel
Sonja Henies Plass 3, 0134 Oslo

If you create front ends in any technology, then like it or not, you’re doing UX design. Why not learn to do it better? Almost all developers can learn the basics of good UX, and if you do it in this workshop, you'll have fun along the way. What other workshop will feature pink flamingos, Mr. Meeseeks, asteroids, moon-walking bears, Creepy Watson, and a developer snorting code off the screen? So come and learn the design principles that help you judge good and bad design, with visuals that ensure you'll remember them, plus a lightweight design process to help you put those principles to use. Come ready to participate in hands-on design exercises, alone and in groups. Come have some fun, and walk out with some tangible ways to make your users' lives better.


  • Why developers should learn the basics of UX design
  • Interaction design vs. visual design
  • How to determine if a design is good or bad using design principles
  • A lightweight process for UX design for developers and other non-designers
  • Ideation for developers
  • Overcoming obstacles to good UX design
  • Building a pool of design patterns to use during design

Who should attend:
Anyone who participates in development of front-ends to software applications, including developers, team leaders, product managers, business analysts, visual designers, and executives in technology companies

Computer Setup
No device is necessary for this workshop – exercises are hands-on using paper and pencil.