NDC Code Club

NDC and the Norwegian Code Club 'Lær Kidsa Koding' have joined forces once again. The Code Club are offering 6 free workshops for youths to attend at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Oslo on Tuesday 13 June from 17.30-20.30.


Each attendee needs to bring their own laptop to be able to follow the labs. Detailed program and preparation instructions can be found here.

A few of the workshops will be held in English. We will do our best to help translate, but some knowledge of English is required.


  • Scratch. 8 years old and over, 50 seats.
  • MagikCraft in Minecraft. (In English) 8 years old and over, 40 seats.
  • Micro:bit. 11 years old and over, 40 seats.
  • Kodu with Micro:bit. (In English) 8 years old and over, 20 seats.
  • Kodegenets robotfabrikk. , 12 seats.
  • 3D-design with Tinkercad. 8 years old and over, 25 seats.

Please register the participants only. If you are a guardian or companion of the participant, please do not register yourself for the event.

Visit kidsakoder.no for more information.