NDC Community Tuesday

Get a taste of what NDC is all about the evening before NDC Oslo 2019 officially kicks off in Oslo Spektrum. Together with Domain-Driven Design Norway, C++ User Group, Norwegian .NET User Group, Oslo Software Architecture User Group, and Framsia meetup, NDC is hosting NDC Community Tuesday, 18 June.

The event is free. However, the only obligatory thing you need to do is register your free ticket. (it will take 30 sec):

Program: Tuesday 18 June

17:00 - 17:30

Snacks from NDC and mingling

17:30 - 18:15

Room 2: Dylan Beattie - The Cost of Code

Room 3: Kristina Durivage - From JSON to Photons: Let's Emit A Dataset

Room 6: Sam Newman - How exactly are architecture and organisational structure related, and what does this mean for microservices?


Room 2: Troy Hunt - Rise of the Breaches

Room 3: Damian Vujnovic - Pointless vs. Pointfree

Room 6: Pavel Yosifovich - C++


Oslo Spektrum
2 Sonja Henies plass, 0185 Oslo, Norway