The Agenda Committee

Who's behind the NDC Oslo agenda?

Niall Merrigan

Niall Merrigan is an Irish guy who managed to end up in Norway after finding out the country existed when he was in New Zealand. He works for Capgemini in Stavanger, Norway, as the head of custom software development and has been a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP since 2010. He is also involved in the Friends of Redgate program and is a general rugby nut (which means he shouts a lot). Niall has a passion for web technologies, security, and whiskey, which can lead to some interesting discussions.

Liam Westley

Liam Westley is an Application Architect at Huddle where he works with some of the best .Net developers and UX designers to deliver world class collaboration software. He quite likes working just on the edge of The City as there is some fantastic food and coffee to be had within a few minutes walk.

Previous to Huddle Liam worked at Criteria MX, a digital media startup and has worked as a consultant via his own company Tiger Computer Services Ltd, specialising in software for Broadcast Television. His Niagara SMS moderation system was used by QVC UK for eight years to display SMS messages from viewers, live, on screen. Liam is also responsible for the ticketing system for Hat Trick Productions which provides e-tickets to shows such as Have I Got News For You and Room 101.

Liam has worked for chellomedia, GMTV, BSkyB, SmashedAtom and Original Thinking Group. In his time he created the first in house weather system for Sky News using Visual Basic 1.0, acted as architect for two general election systems, project managed the launch of the GMTV web site, was key to delivering the first interactive television chat service in the UK for BSkyB and helped launch the first live shopping channels in the Netherlands.

Tomas Jansson

Tomas Jansson is a well-known developer in the community of Norway. He has been engaged in the .NET User Group in Oslo as a member of the board for many years and chapter lead for a couple of years. Tomas was also one of the figures behind the OsloFSharp meetup that started almost two years ago and has grown ever since.

After 11 years of consulting Tomas switched gear last year and joined the great team at Unacast building awesome products that runs on the google cloud platform, at the moment that means broadening his technical skills by learning go and how to make the best of the google cloud platform, docker and kubernetes.

Robert Smallshire

Robert Smallshire is a founding director of Sixty North, a technology product and consulting business in Norway providing services throughout Europe. Robert has worked in senior software architecture and technical management roles in the energy sector. He has dealt with understanding, designing, advocating and implementing effective architectures for sophisticated scientific, enterprise and embedded software in Python, C++ and the .NET stack. He is currently bootstrapping a new Internet-of-Things venture for solar power prediction and monitoring. He holds a Ph.D. in a natural science.

Erlend Oftedal

Erlend is a developer, security tester, CTO at Blank AS. One of his main technical interests is how we as developer can teach ourselves to write better and more secure code. He has built open source security tools, and spoken at several developer and security conferences.

Bryan Hunter

Bryan is an independent software developer with over two decades of experience designing, developing, and shipping software in complex business domains. This experience has led him to focus on functional programming (Erlang/F#/Elixir) and applying the concepts of the Toyota Production System (Lean) to software development.

Outside of coding-for-food-and-fun, Bryan is cheerleader at NashFP (Nashville Functional Programmers), a happy papa, a feminist, an artist (with a dusty MFA), and an anti-authoritarian.

You can learn more about working with Bryan here ( or say hi on Twitter at

Andreas Bredesen

Andreas Bredesen is passionate about technology and software. Especially how technology and software can realize a strategy to achieve goals in pursuit of a grand vision.

Today Andreas is working as department manager for Missile Software Technology in Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

Andreas comes from a role as Development Manager in iTet AS, where he had the strategic responsibility for the portfolio of products that the SW department developed and managed. He acted as a connection between the SW development department, sales and marketing departments, management and customers. In this role, he had personnel responsibility for developers in the SW department, budget and financial responsibility as well as responsibility for the strategic and operational management of the department.

Prior to this, he was senior system developer in iTet where his main tasks were project management, system architecture and development, implementation, integrations and customer contact. He also contributed to internal development to make processes, services and systems more efficient.

Einar Ingebrigtsen

Passionate developer and architect with experience ranging from games development to line of business software development for the last 15 minutes. Software quality is a key driver, I eat my SOLIDS and separates my concerns while specifying all my behaviors while driving development. Building scalable software from all perspectives is hard. Scaling does not only mean your software can deal with high loads, but it also mean how you can scale your team. Both interesting topics and combinable. Very focused on Open Source with a few projects myself under the belt (Balder, Bifrost, Forseti).

Kristian Hellang

Kristian is an experienced full-stack developer who enjoys working with all kinds of technologies – from back-end databases to front-end user interface design. He has a deep understanding of object-oriented programming and is always concerned with best practices and principles. Over the last few years, Kristian has been involved in many different projects, spanning multiple domains and sectors.

Kjersti Sandberg

Kjersti Sandberg is the founder of ProgramUtvikling AS and has organized NDC from the very beginning. Her daily job is with the professional areas of sale, marketing and business development. Here role within this year`s agenda committee has been to liaise with speakers and present good ideas.

Jakob Bradford

Jakob is the general manager of the NDC conferences. His role in the committee is making sure we don’t select more speakers than we can fit in the agenda which is a hard job with so many good suggestions (even with 9 tracks). He sometimes nags about budgets, but the committee usually doesn’t care.