Manu Gopinathan

Manu Gopinathan Tech Lead @ Knowit

Twitter @realManuGopi

Manu is a machine learning enthusiast who works as a software developer for Knowit, a Nordic consultancy company. Currently, he is a part of a team tasked with building a new sales and ticketing solution for public transportation in Norway. During his MSc studies at UCSB and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, he specialized in artificial intelligence, with his thesis doing an extensive study on gender identification of authors using deep learning and natural language processing. Additionally, he is one of the founders of Artificial Chapter, an initiative in Knowit for learning and sharing knowledge about artificial intelligence.

Aside from his consultancy job, Manu enjoys attending conferences to share and learn knowledge. Since starting his professional career, he has attended and held both talks and workshops at several international conferences, with the topic being AI and machine learning. Otherwise, in his spare time, Manu appreciates the non-technological aspects of life, such as concerts, festivals and other cultural events.

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