Thomas Heartman

Thomas Heartman Developer @ Intility, FP zealot

Twitter @thomasheartman

Thomas Heartman is passionate about tech. Whether it's on the job or in his spare time, he's most likely thinking about structuring systems, creating abstractions, and leveraging type systems. Employed as a full-stack developer of cloud systems and internal tooling, he enjoys a healthy amount of arguing with his team about the right levels of abstractions and purity vs pragmatism. He's also passionate about open source, knowledge sharing, and enabling developer happiness and productivity.

Having crossed over from being a musician, Thomas likes to take his mind off software by dancing in front of the mirror and singing in the shower. He also works as a fitness professional, inspiring (read: pushing) people to pick up those weights and get through 'just one more set'. No matter the situation, it's important to him that we all help each other out in whatever way we can.

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