Workshop: Actionable Kubernetes and Cloud Native Security today

There is a lot of FUD around cloud native security in general and Kubernetes security, in particular. There are ways to harden security today on a deployed cluster today by taking a shift-left approach and incorporating security into every stage of the pipeline.

We will take an action-oriented approach to hardening a cluster significantly by prioritizing security at every stage of the SDLC including statically scanning YAML files early for potential security breaches, scanning for vulnerabilities, incorporating RBAC and namespaces and identifying mis-configurations and monitoring logs on run-time clusters.

After attending this session, intended for developers, admins and devops audience attendees alike they will get a good understanding of the challenges of Cloud Native security. The concepts will be emphasized with a how to minimize attack surfaces, incorporate best practices, tweak configuration parameters, etc. through the entire pipeline and to be able to harden Cloud Native clusters and workloads.