Workshop: Automatic Accessibility Testing for All - Part 1/2

Navigating the web can sometimes feel as walking through the jungle. Some sites can be a nightmare to navigate for all, others are just terrible for people with disabilities. Some sites are impossible to navigate with a screen reader. Others contain keyboard traps or use colors that are better suited to camouflage the text than to make it readable.

Luckily for us, the web is built by people. We can make it accessible if we just put in the effort to do so. Accessibility testing tools are of great help in making an accessible website. Automatic accessibility tests can be of even greater help, freeing up time to focus on the changes that will make your website better for everyone.

In this workshop you'll learn how to set up and write your own automatic accessibility tests. While doing this we'll also cover some of the most common accessibility errors that can be discovered automatically and learn how to fix them.