Build your Cloud Operating Model on Azure from zero to hero

In this session we will explore how organizations can establish a working cloud operating model in Azure that will help them keep control but also enable agility for their teams, so together they can deliver value to the business.

The session is targeting DevOps and PlatformOps teams. Certain level of knowledge of Azure is expected (like Resource Manager, RBAC, Policies, Azure Monitor). We will explore some new capabilities like Azure Blueprints and Resource Graph and how can you leverage them and other essential services like Security Center, Service Health, and Log Analytics to build the model, gain insights into your day-to-day operations, collect telemetry you need, automate some key processes using serverless components and integrate your favorite tools (like Slack, GitHub, etc.). By the end of this demo-packed session we should have a working model the participants can fork from GitHub, customize to fit their needs, and apply in their environment.