Continuous Delivery with Azure Web Apps

Continuous delivery is about giving functionality to users in small steps, in a swift manner. Any efficient and reliable environment to achieve this in requires automation. There is no better place to achieve this than in the cloud. The cloud is all about automation. And it's only a few clicks away!

In this talk, I will get into the inner workings of Azure Web Apps to create an efficient build and deployment pipeline. I will start off with a minimalist approach to developing and deploying a web application to Azure, setting up automated deployment from version control. I then add on various quality assurance steps with pull requests, peer reviews, unit testing, and integration testing. Furthermore, I will discuss approaches for adding deployment to test and other quality assurance environments and demonstrate how this can be done. At the more advanced end of the spectrum, I will look at build and release pipelines in Azure DevOps. I will then go on to discussing the various build and deployment options available for Azure (including containers), and give guidance on which approach to use depending on your requirements.

You'll get to learn about version control integration, protecting branches, triggering build and deploy to Azure Web apps based on check-ins, build and deployment pipeline customization using simple scripting, as well as building build and release pipelines as code in Azure DevOps.