Fabulous – F# for cross-platform mobile apps

In this informal talk, I will describe Fabulous, a community-developed framework using F# to build cross-platform mobile and desktop Xamarin apps.

Come and learn how this radical new approach to app programming makes your code simpler, more testable and helps avoid repetition. By embracing the React-like MVU architecture, you can do away with your Xaml, your behaviours, your converters, your templating, your MVVM and embrace the simplicity of functional model descriptions and view re-evalaution. I will talk about the concepts involved and how this differs from Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), the tooling available and how yuo can get involved.

This is mostly a conceptual talk and won’t be full of sparkling demos: demo apps are available from the Fabulous community.

Note, Fabulous is a community project and is at version 0.34 as of May 2019. It is not a supported product or framework from Microsoft.