Workshop: Help! The team is not working! - Part 1/2

What happens when the agile, cross functional, autonomous team is not working and is not producing value? And how can the team fix it?

Through a 120 min workshop, the participants are introduced to the concept of successful agile teams and given tools on how to set up one. Being able to keep track on the teams’ wellbeing as well as business value through measurements is key. The workshop consists of five parts: 1. Introduction to teams as a value creating unit and what recognizes the successful team 2. What to do when the teams’ wellbeing and process is not working: practice and tools on how to measure and work on creating a trusting environment 3. What to do when the team is not delivering value: practice and tools on how to set up feedback loops and measure value. 4. Reinforce learning together through discussion 5. Retrospective.
The participants get insight on tools on how to work on improving their own team’s focus and value creation after taking part of this workshop.