How to be cool in the age of legacy

The cloud is here. And we can safely assume it's here to stay.

The road forward is pretty clear. Containerization using something like Docker and orchestration using something like Kubernetes. And it's great! Workloads are automatically distributed, new servers can be added and removed with (or without!) the click of a button.

But then there is everything else. The 36 .NET framework applications that will take years to migrate. The third party products with support end-of-life from 2017 that are still business critical. Do you leave that stuff behind?

At RiksTV we've found a way to work on moving towards a modern cloud infrastructure without throwing out all the legacy code. Using AWS EC2, Ansible, Octopus Deploy, Consul and Traefik we've built a fully automated infrastructure that allows us to scale out applications in a matter of minutes – with (or without) the click of a button!

In this talk you'll get a under the covers look at how you can build a modern infrastructure for running old fashioned applications in the cloud. You'll get inspiration, experiences and tooling that helps you get to the cloud – even if you're living in an age of legacy.