Lightning talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Total Rewrite: A Story About F# and Azure Functions in Production - Almir Mesic

We recently rewrote our C# and App Service hosted application to F# and Azure Functions. How did it go? What did we learn? Was it worth it? Let's have a look at a real life example running in production.


Talk 2: Serving election results to an entire nation - Hallstein Brøtan

What do you have to consider when all of Norway will be accessing your web site at exactly 9 PM, and you get only one shot to deliver?
During 2019 I worked in a two-man team for NRK, building a greenfield .NET Core API to serve election results to TV, web and more. The election was the most important project for NRK during 2019, and it was absolutely crucial that everything worked as planned.
I will give you insights on how we approached this task, with an absolute deadline and inescapable performance demands, and how we flawlessly coped with one of the highest peak traffic loads in Norway during 2019 when other well known media sites broke down.


Talk 3: Pull Requests: Merge With Your Team - Eirik Isene

Working as developers in teams, we continuously submit our code to be scrutinized by our peers. With written language being fragile and easy to misunderstand, pull requests can quickly become a breeding ground for demotivation and resentment. Ideally, pull requests should be the exact opposite: a place for us to give our peers praise for their good work, encourage learning, and ultimately make sure that the code produced has the entire team behind it.
In this talk, I’ll be talking about the psychology of giving and receiving critique, and how we can shape the language we use (specifically in regards to pull requests) to cultivate an environment in which we thrive as developers.
The only precondition for attending this talk is knowing what a pull request is. My hope is that after attending this talk you will be itching to submit your next pull request and also delight your fellow teammates with wonderful code reviews./p>


Talk 4: My experiences using Azure Blueprints for a year - Børge Wiik

Cloud environments today can be a mess. They are hard to standardize, take a long time to set up and and if you wanted to recreate an environment you would be stuck for a long time. What if you could deploy a brand new environment that you trust within minutes with the click of a button? Turns out you can.
Infrastructure as code is on the rise. To address this, Microsoft introduced Azure Blueprints at Microsoft Ignite 2018 and made it available for public preview. Azure Blueprints allows for a way to orchestrate and deploy cloud environments in a repeatable manner, along with role and policy control.
This talk will give you insight into how to simplify your team's environments through infrastructure as code. After watching the talk, you will be ready to start using Azure Blueprints.


Talk 5: Making your interns succeed! - Sara Bergman

They come in the summertime, eager to learn and curious about everything, the challenge is, they will only stay for 12 weeks.
This talk will outline key factors to make your interns succeed! The speaker draws on her own experience as an intern at Telia, Opera and Microsoft as well as the experience of being an intern mentor at Microsoft.


Talk 6: The Accidental Security Professional - Elin Tøndel

At the age of 32 I decided to change careers and move into cybersecurity. It was hard, I had to find people willing to take me on and teach me. What I learnt is once you start on this path, you will never stop learning and you discover a lot of people willing to help you succeed.
In this talk, Elin will bring you though how she start in Cybersecurity, the bits she wished she knew when she started and also some of the things she has learnt, including when to say yes to dinner.