Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Is that a crowbar in your hand? Deep learning on the edge - Anders Breivik

Machine learning in the cloud is only a call away, but what happens when there is just not enough bandwidth available for all your data? Edge computing brings computing power closer to the source of action, and lets the cloud deal with only the heavier lifting. This talk is an introduction to one way of bringing deep learning on edge devices, following the speaker's quest to make a smarter home security camera using the AWS DeepLens camera and the full weight of the AWS machine learning ecosystem.


Talk 2: 5 Lessons Learned from Implementing 40+ Machine Learning Projects - Xiaopeng Li

Machine learning has reached the peak of Gartner's hype curve in 2018. Many companies are talking about it, while very few are actually doing it. At Inmeta, we have together with partners and clients implemented 40+ machine learning projects in the past few years. In this talk, I will share the top 5 lessons we learned from doing machine learning for real.


Talk 3: test && commit || revert. What?! - Kari Eline Strandjord

`test && commit || revert` is a workflow developed during a week of code camp at Iterate with Kent Beck. The main idea is that your code should always be in a valid state. If the test passes, the code is committed. If it fails, you lose all your changes, and the code is forced back to the last valid state. At first, the idea seemed both unrealistic and a bit harsh. But after trying it out during a longer period writing an application in Elm, it did change my way of coding.

The talk will give a brief explanation of the workflow. I will also share my experiences from using it in a real project.


Talk 4: Five Ways to Break a Git Repository - Edward Thomson

Can you break your Git repository? I hope not! That's where you keep all your stuff! Edward Thomson shows you five common mistakes that break Git repositories and how to fix them.


Talk 5: Unlocking the doors of parliament - Sindre Lindstad

When Norway's Minister of Children and Families was instated, he enthusiastically showed the world the key to his new office through press photos.

The only problem was that it was a plastic punch-hole keycard, which meant anyone could make a copy.

So I made one with 3D printing (and lasers!). But does it work?