Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Why you should think twice before choosing CosmosDB - Torstein Nicolaysen

Cosmos DB promises some amazing things, and in all fairness, it’s a pretty cool product. My team has been using Cosmos DB on a system that requires both high levels of performance and uptime. After hours of design sessions, experimentation, performance testing, rewriting the document structure, using new partition keys, faking consistency in the application and several other attempts to make it work for us, we felt that CosmosDB was a bad fit for our use case. The system we work on is in production, and my experience is based on real-world usage.

This lightning talk will explain some of the issues we faced, what we learned and give some advice on using Cosmos DB. It won’t be all doom and gloom, and you'll even hear some scenarios were Cosmos DB is a perfect match.


Talk 2: How we messed everything up but still got LoRa to the stratosphere - Sindre Lindstad

Back in the early 2010's people were sending all sorts of tech trash into space using helium balloons and styrofoam boxes.

A friend and I decided we wanted to do the same thing, but by making everything from scratch. All the way from the PCB's and antennas, down to the web API's and map applications to track it.

And we... sort of made it.

This is a story about technology, friendship, and lots and lots of duct tape.


Talk 3: Mobile AR in 10 minutes - Kristina Simakova

A crash course into mobile AR. This talk will give you an overview and a current status on mobile AR technology and SDKs, its new features and shortcomings.


Talk 4: I didn't know that - Stefan Judis

Web Development is a constant journey of new technologies and new things to learn. A year ago I started documenting and sharing all the tiny things that I didn't know before and stopped being anxious about others thinking that I'm not smart.

Let me tell you what I learned about JavaScript!


Talk 5: What's cooking for JavaScript: a look at current TC39 proposals - Branislav Jenco

In this lightning talk, I go over the current proposals for new language features in JavaScript and their current status. Pipelines, decorators, null coalescing and more is coming, but when? And how will it look like?