Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: How to tame your team monsters! - Hanne Lian & Nora Holte

In our everyday lives as designers, we encounter several types of monsters (you know; colleagues and clients). What can we do to tame these monsters into submission so that they will produce our wonderful designs? We will introduce you to the most common monsters in the workplace and give you some of our tools to handle them.


Talk 2: I Love Learning From People! - Bryan Hogan

I've been podcasting for almost five years and I love making every single episode. I talk to people from around the world about what they love doing, and share this with everyone.

Most people you meet love to talk about topics that interest them and with the right questions they will tell you everything they know.

In just ten short minutes I'm going to share some of what I've learned about how you can learn from others - how to ask questions, how to listen, how to encourage, when to disagree, when to interrupt and when to stay quiet.


Talk 3: "OMG! A Girl?!" What to do when a woman joins your team - Meg Gotshall

Don’t panic! Often when I join a team, my new colleagues second guess each and every behavior. Inevitably, this leads to some awkward situations (and in the wake of #MeToo, even fear)!

Although women still make up a rather small percentage of the tech workforce, we’re not as uncommon as narwhals or unicorns, so I’d like to take a few minutes to talk candidly about how we can make this transition smoother and simpler for both sides. Applying a programmer’s pragmatism to social interactions, we can debug our working environment and hopefully make it run more smoothly.


Talk 4: How to deal with your demons - Lubaba Farin Tanisha

Should you care to know more about your biases? Does it even remotely related to software development? Is being aware of them make you a better software engineer? The answers to all these questions are: Oh yes! No matter what methodology or process you follow, it is possible to fall through the cracks for numerous amount of facts that you could have avoided if you knew about them before. If you knew that you are actually carrying many of them. So join my talk, I will walk you through a path that would perhaps make you discover a new you, with a brand new mindset to deal with your tasks, and of course to deal with your demons.


Talk 5: Emojis – the fun and weird parts! - Jøran Vagnby Lillesand

Come get a time out from useful learning and get a brief introduction to the surprisingly interesting world of emojis!

Emojis – to most of us they're just a weird distraction from proper language. But they're actually a rather cool piece of technology (!) with a meaningful impact on society. I'll teach you 3 things you didn't know about emojis, but you'll be glad you do!