Logging, Metrics and Events in ASP.NET Core

Providing decent monitoring of your applications has always been considered the boring part of development, with tons of boilerplate code, and making upfront decisions around how it will be done, or retrofit afterwards. However, with dotnet core, things have changed, it's never been easier to implement effective visibility into how your application is performing in production.

In this session I will cover the fundamental differences between Metrics and Logs, and Events and look at where one is useful over the other.

We’ll look at some of the things Microsoft has done in dotnet core to make logging easier, and some of the third-party libraries and tools that aim to make it easier to navigate.

We’ll cover tools like Serilog and Log4Net, along with AppMetrics for capturing application information. We’ll then take a quick look at Grafana, and see how we can make some sense of that information. Finally, we'll look at Honeycomb.io and how they're providing actionable insights for distributed systems using events, enabling testing in production.