Monolith Decomposition Patterns

Patterns to help you incrementally migrate from a monolith to microservices.

Big Bang rebuilds of systems is so 20th century. With our users expecting new functionality to be shipped ever more frequently than before, we no longer have the luxury of a complete system rebuild. In fact, a Big Bang migration of a Monolithic architecture into a microservice architecture can be especially problematic, as we’ll explore in this talk.

We want to ship features, but we also want to change our architecture - and many of us want to be able to break down existing systems into microservice architectures. But how do you do this while still shipping features?

In this talk, I’ll share with you some key principles and a number of patterns which you can use to incrementally decompose an existing system into microservices. I’ll even cover off patterns that can work to migrate functionality out of systems you can’t change, making them useful when working with very old systems or vendor products. We'll look at the use of stranger patterns, change data capture, database decomposition and more.