Observability Driven Development

There you are… an agile company building cloud native microservices, everything is automated and you are deploying multiple times a day. You think you ticked all the DevOps boxes but when does the money start flowing in?

Maybe it's because your users don't like the way your software works, maybe you don't actually have any users. How do you know? Traditional monitoring tools are dead. They can't give you the insights you need to see if your distributed system is still working or not.

"Observability driven development" is a way to focus on building observable systems that focus on seeing if your system is actually working and delivering value to your customers.

By being able to observe your production environment you are able to learn from it, experiment on it (in production) and in the end improve it. In this session we'll discuss what it means to create observable systems and how you can start adding observability to your own systems which help everyone from developers to product owners to make better decisions in adding value to their software.