Reactive DDD—When Concurrent Waxes Fluent

Rarely achieved in past years, fully utilized hardware can now reach the performance, throughput, and scale possible with Reactive software development's responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven solutions.

As crucial, fiscally-minded technical stakeholders see the urgent need to partner with business leaders in order to create software that delivers critical, differentiating innovations that are in demand to gain and maintain leadership in today's fast-paced commercial markets. The world of distribution, concurrency, latency, and the uncertainty of time-critical results, must be tackled along with complex business challenges. This talk gives practical guidance on creating your software refinement turning point by using Domain-Driven Design to model business-driven solutions with fluent, type-safe, and Reactive properties. Specific attention is given to moving legacy systems that have deep debt to ones that have clear boundaries, deliver explicit and fluent business models, and exploit modern hardware and software architectures.