Real world hypermedia at NRK TV

At NRK TV we are gradually introducing hypermedia in the API that serves the clients our viewers use to stream our TV content.

Why? Not out of idealism, but because it provides concrete benefits for our service. We use hyperlinks to provide affordances for clients: instead of just exposing individual endpoints that serve data, we offer navigation options that form user stories that adapt dynamically based on different scenarios and application states. Hyperlinks also allow us to tie together bounded domain contexts that we keep separate to contain complexity. Clients can seamlessly navigate between e.g. editorial content, catalog, playback and personalized recommendations, without noticing or caring that different contexts could be supported by separate applications with varying degrees of criticality and separate failure modes. That sounds all sweet and dandy, but I'll back these pretty words up with practical examples taken from our API, and share some experiences and lessons learned.