The "Guilded" Age: How a UX Guild can transform design at your company

If you have a User eXperience team that feels stretched too thin at your company, you are NOT alone.

UX Guilds grew out of necessity to meet a growing demand for software that is useful, user friendly, and beautiful to boot. These guilds are led by UX designers and researchers that train and evangelize developers, business analysts, quality analysts, project managers, and more into UX practices and techniques. This often sounds scary to UXers, often wondering: "Am I going to give away the farm by teaching the tricks of my trade?" "Are devs and others going to think they know it all now?" "Won't people take away my work?"
The answers are "no", "no", and "sort of, but in a good way." In this session you will learn what a UX guild is, how it benefits UX overall, and how to implement a guild in your company. I'll also be sharing lessons learned from our ongoing guild implementation.