The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cloud (AWS vs GCP vs Azure) and their AI/ML API’s capabilities

To companies leveraging the capabilities of public cloud (often Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure) the felling of immersion into a single provider platform is constant in their day to day. With a rapid evolution of services becoming available in each cloud provider, companies tend to focus and keep updated with only one of them while other providers capabilities are simply unknown, ignored or forgotten.
On the other hand, there are many companies that are not yet using public cloud and are now facing the dilemma of which Public Cloud provider to choose.

AI and Machine Learning are key areas of investment, growth and differentiation for many companies and that is no exception for the three biggest public cloud players (AWS, GCP and Azure). In this context, pre-trained AI/ML API’s in combination with other Serverless services is one area that has been on the rise and with fast adoption.

In this talk we will learn about the three major public cloud providers (AWS, GCP and Azure) by having an overview and gain insights about each other pros and cons. In addition, we are going to explore their AI/ML Cloud API’s that allow us to leverage ready-made capabilities such as: Text to Speech, Image & Video Classification, Translation, Speech Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, etc.