The Neverending Story: Agile Transformation for DevOps

The Digital Media division of National Public Radio (NPR) recently went through a period of growth that required scaling up its small sysadmin team to an Agile DevOps team, but the need for change didn’t stop there.

As a scrum master, I had to help the team let go of their old, ad hoc way of working and adjust to the Agile mindset of continually inspecting and adapting their processes. In this talk, I’ll take the audience through all aspects of our Agile transformation: overcoming resistance to change within the team and the department, why we struggled with our initial choice of the Scrum framework, why we wanted to try Kanban, how we moved to Scrumban and most importantly, what we’re going to do next since true Agile transformations never really end.

You’ll walk away with some ideas to overcome change fatigue and resistance that can work for both small teams and large organizations, an understanding of how Scrum and Kanban both helped us become a better DevOps team, and why the move to Scrumban was the right choice for our team at that time and might be right for you. You’ll also get an idea of where our DevOps model might go next!